RIA-Replicon Import Addin!

To enhance the flexibility of Replicon Application and let the Replicon users conduct their own data import, We have developed an easy to use, intuitive tool - RIA, which is an Microsoft Excel plugin.


Ensure that the following pre-requisites are installed on your machine before proceeding further.

Installing RIA

Follow the below simple steps to install the Excel addin.

  1. Download and run the RIA-Trusted Sites Manager. This will add the installation location to "Trusted" zone
  2. Download and run the Setup. This checks for required runtime frameworks and installs the same if found missing. This also installs the AddIn
  3. Upon successful installation, double click on RIA short cut icon from your desktop or download the Excel Import Template and open this file to do Imports

In case you encounter any issue while performing above steps. Follow the steps as mentoned in Install RIA without trusted sites document.
RIA does not support proxies as windows could not automatically detect network's proxy settings.


Help and videos - Topics and tutorials to help you learn how to use RIA
Community - Join the conversation! Ask a question or share a tip on using RIA

Additional Information


Incase of any issues please drop a mail to support@replicon.com.